UKGC – United Kingdom Gambling Commission

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The United Kingdom Gambling Commission, more commonly known as UKGC, is the governing body of the UK gambling license that was founded in 2007 as a result of the UK government passing the Gambling Act of 2005. The UKGC was initially created to supervise and regulate all aspects of gambling (including offline gaming) and protect players and their funds.

The UKGC is responsible for supervising and regulating all types of gambling-related business, including sports betting, bingo, arcades, lotteries, and, of course, casinos that operate in Great Britain. In order to acquire and then keep the UKGC license, these institutions must comply with the rules required by the UKGC. 

The UKGC is generally regarded as one of the leading online gambling regulators in the world, and the commission is a highly-respected institution by both operators and players. An online gambling license issued from the UKGC is a sought-after feature that allows casinos to accept players from the United Kingdom – something they are otherwise unable to do without this specific license.

Each and every online casino and betting website that operates within United Kingdom borders must legally have a license issued by the UKGC.

Now that you have a general idea of what the UKGC is let’s find out even more about some of the most important aspects such as safety, pros and cons, payment methods, games that you can play at the UKGC licensed casinos, etc. shall we?

UKGC Casinos Safety

First things first – the most important thing you would like to know about the UKGC licensed casinos is whether or not they are safe to play at, and I am glad to answer – absolutely, they are. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is one of the most trusted, safe, secure, and reputable licensing institutions globally, which is proven by many of its licensed casinos successfully operating on the market for long years without any problems or complaints.

You will be happy to know that when playing in casinos license by the UKGC, your personal and financial information is properly protected, never shared with any third parties (unless confirmed so in the Terms and Conditions), and is never going to be stolen. Every UKGC licensed casino makes sure that it has enough power and tools to keep your information as safe as possible from any kind of cyber-attacks.

The UKGC itself will never issue a license to the casino that does not provide you with that much safety and security. This automatically means that the governing body itself prioritizes your safety and will never jeopardize your security by licensing an untrustworthy casino. A brilliant thing to hear about your online casino’s license provider, isn’t it?

Another thing that UKGC excels at is its particular principle of protecting players from gambling addiction. That’s why the UKGC takes further actions to keep minors away from gambling and generally decrease the popularity of gambling by introducing additional taxes for players. I know that you, as a player, would not want to pay any additional fees for your winnings and/or playing at an online casino in general, but I am sure you understand that by doing so, the UKGC protects you from unreasonable spending, wasting your money, or betting more than you can afford.

You would agree that not only your personal information but your money should be absolutely safe in the online casino, right? The UK Gambling Commission regularly checks whether the players’ funds are kept separately from the casino’s operating funds and, even better, regulates the payment options that can be used for online gaming in the country.

Overall, the key principle of the UKGC is that the casino operator is responsible and accountable for each and every action were taken to its customers. It means that if there is a problem or if a player suspects any hassle, shady activities, they can fill out the form of the UKC website and receive the quick response that will be followed by the UKGC taking real actions on that particular casino.

I don’t know about you, but to me, all the above-mentioned points add up to complete safety and security, so if you ever have to decide whether or not to play at the UKGC licensed casino – considering all the above, I would absolutely suggest you to do it.

UKGC Payment Methods

If you have ever played in any online casino, surely, you understand the importance of diversity in payment methods and the safety it offers you. Whenever you are moving your money online, there sure are certain risks involved, which is why the casinos licensed by the UKGC make sure to offer you a good range of safe and secure online payment methods.

The list of payment methods that online casinos offer is quite extensive. It varies from debit cards, PayPal, eWallets (Skrill, Neteller) to other payment options that include Apple Pay, Playsafecard, Astro Pay Cards, Trustly, and bank transfers. However, other options that are available everywhere else can’t be used at UK online casinos. Those options include ecoPayz, MuchBetter, and most importantly – cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Games to Play in UKGC Casinos

Rather than offering a single gambling license that allows operators to cover all online gaming activities, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission offers remote gambling licenses for each type of activity that an online casino may want to run. These activities include:

Thus, when playing at an online casino that is a holder of the UKGC license, you can expect to find the games of the above categories on its website (unless the casino specializes in only one of the above gaming categories).


After closely researching the major topics about the UKGC license, the one thing I can tell you with ironclad confidence is that the casino licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is 100% safe and reliable to play at. The UKGC takes a whole list of measures to prevent any fraud and only gives its license to the best online casinos on the market. However, issuing licenses is not the only thing the UKGC does. It does constant market researches to know more about what is happening in the industry, on the market in general and betters its services accordingly.

I told you about the UKGC’s prioritized safety and security; I told you that it’s one of the most respected, reliable license issuing commissions currently on the market; I told you about its variety of payment methods and the games you can play – but the final decision should always be yours. I am certain if you were to check out any of the UKGC licensed casinos, you would agree with me when I say – the UKGC license is one of the safest, most trustworthy, secure, and reliable online casino licenses in today’s casino industry.