OASIS Blocking System – How to Remove OASIS

It’s been 2 and a half years since the launch of OASIS – Germany’s self-exclusion scheme, and up until now, there have been absolutely no updates. Germany legalized online gambling by creating and launching a brand-new guideline – the GlüStV 2021, which caused massive controversy along with heated discussions around these regulations.

The GlüStV 2021 came into force with numerous laws, regulations, restrictions, and taxations, but in this article, we are going to discuss one particular part of the GlüStV 2021 – OASIS player ban scheme, which prevents German players from online gambling and causes multiple disturbances. In the below paragraphs, we are going to talk about OASIS, what complications it comes with, what self-exclusion periods are, and, of course, how to remove the OASIS player ban for German players.

Keep on reading this article to learn helpful information about bypassing OASIS restrictions or entirely removing the OASIS player ban.

How To Remove OASIS Player Ban

Are you a player from Germany looking for ways to remove the OASIS player ban? If so, then you have found just the right article. If you are currently registered for OASIS services and are thinking about removing the OASIS player ban to continue enjoying your gambling journey, then you are probably wondering, “how can I remove my OASIS player ban?”

The shorter answer to this question would, unfortunately, be NO; you cannot remove the OASIS player ban until your self-exclusion period is over. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no other ways to continue online gaming, and we are here to teach you how to do it!

OASIS Spielersperre Aufheben

Best way to Avoid OASIS Player Ban

The absolute best way to bypass or entirely remove OASIS player ban is to play at non OASIS online casinos. Let me clarify what are non OASIS online casinos. The non OASIS casinos are online casinos that operate outside of Germany’s jurisdiction; hence, they are not obliged to obey the GlüStV 2021’s restrictive rules and limitations and are not part of OASIS self-exclusion scheme. German players can confidently join these non OASIS online casinos and enjoy their online gambling experience without worrying about OASIS restrictions.

Since removing the OASIS player ban until the original self-exclusion period is over, is impossible, German players are forced to look for alternative casinos with EU licenses that accept them and, at the same time, have no mandatory self-exclusion schemes.

Online casinos that our website suggests are the best option for German players because these operators freely accept punters from Germany and let them enjoy a comprehensive gambling journey without any shady self-exclusion tools. 

Cons of Oasis Player Ban

Long Self-Exclusion Period

One of the worst aspects of the OASIS Player Ban is its self-exclusion periods, which can be considered extremely prolonged. The OASIS player ban period can range from three months to a year, and for a third-party exclusion, a minimum OASIS player ban period is one year.

Restricts Player’s Access

The most obvious con of the OASIS player ban is that this self-exclusion scheme restricts players’ access to all types of online gambling. Once you are registered for OASIS self-exclusion services, you are forced to say goodbye to playing in all locally-licensed online casinos and betting sites.

Pros of Non OASIS Casinos

No Restrictions

One of the greatest advantages of non OASIS casinos is that these operators enable German punters to play without limits and restrictions. These non OASIS online casinos let German players bet without limits, spin their favorite slots without time or spin-limits and use some of the most popular payment methods, unlike German casinos where everything is restricted.

Higher RTP and Bonuses

All casinos which are enrolled in OASIS Player Ban pay double the amount of taxes on players winnings and losses as well. You know what more taxes mean right? Lower RTP (Return To Player) on every game. Casinos pay this additional fees by poaching more from players of course. In Non OASIS Casinos, RTP is usually the highest.

What is Oasis Player Ban

As already mentioned in the above paragraphs, OASIS is Germany’s player ban system that is used to prevent German punters from online gambling in German online casinos and local betting establishments. The OASIS player ban is officially managed by the state of Hesse and the regional council of Darmstadt. Once a German player is enrolled in the OASIS player ban lock file, they are stuck in that system until the agreed-upon self-exclusion period is over. What’s worse is that German online casinos (licensed under the local regulator) have the right to maintain players’ ban indefinitely if they have a reason to believe that these players have a gambling addiction. What a mess, right? A complete violation of players’ freedom of choice.

The OASIS player ban system comes with one of the most extended banning procedures compared to other self-exclusion systems. According to the GlüStV 2021 itself, the OASIS player ban cannot be removed before the agreed-upon period has ended. Once a player’s ban period is over, only then can they send a filled-out application to have their online casino ban removed. For self-exclusion, the OASIS player ban period can range from three months to a year (even more, if desired), and for a third-party exclusion, a minimum OASIS player ban period is one year.

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Casinos to Avoid OASIS Player Ban

We’ve already established that it’s impossible to remove the OASIS player ban earlier than the appointed self-exclusion period is over. We’ve also established that this is no reason for German players to get discouraged because even though ending the OASIS player ban is impossible, there are other, much better ways to continue online gambling.

The most convenient and practical way to remove the OASIS player ban and continue online gambling is to play in non OASIS online casinos. The international gambling market is filled with trustworthy, reliable, legitimate online casinos that are not part of OASIS; therefore, they accept German players who are blocked or self-excluded by the OASIS player ban. Generally, these non OASIS casinos are EU-licensed online casinos with the MGA or the Curacao gambling licenses. They operate absolutely legitimately, offer top-notch safety and security measures, and, most importantly, accept OASIS-blocked German players.

Those, who are currently blocked by the OASIS player ban and are searching for efficient ways to remove the OASIS player ban, can take a look at our partner online casinos, all of which fully support and accept players from Germany. The best possible choices are GoldenBet Casino, MyStake Casino, FreshBet Casino, JackBit Casino, VegaDream Casino, Tsars Casinoetc. Take a look at these wonderful non OASIS online casinos, choose any of them, and you are guaranteed to have a great time while playing your favorite games.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is OASIS Player Ban?

    The OASIS Player Ban is Germany’s self-exclusion scheme, incorporated in Germany’s new online gambling regulator – the GlüStV 2021. The OASIS player ban is used to limit or completely restrict players’ access to online gambling in locally licensed online gambling establishments.

  • How To remove OASIS player ban?

    Removing OASIS Player Ban is impossible until the indicated self-exclusion period is over. However, bypassing or entirely removing OASIS Player Ban is not that complicated. German players can play at non OASIS online casinos, which freely accept them.

  • What are the pros of OASIS player ban?

    Even though the OASIS player ban brings more harm than good, it can be helpful for punters who really suffer from gambling addiction. Other than that, the OASIS player ban can be very problematic for those who accidentally registered for OASIS services and now can’t remove the OASIS player ban. 

  • What are the cons of OASIS player ban?

    Where to begin … the OASIS Player Ban is a huge problem for German punters who want to enjoy their gambling journey without being entirely blocked from online gambling on their own market. Once a player is registered for the OASIS player ban services, they can no longer continue gambling until the appointed self-exclusion period has ended.

  • How long does OASIS player ban last?

    The OASIS player ban period can range from three months to a year (even more, if desired), and for a third-party exclusion, a minimum OASIS player ban period is one year.

  • Are there casinos not on OASIS player Ban?

    Yes, there are many. The best online casinos not on OASIS player ban can be found on this very website. We collect, test, review, and recommend the best non OASIS online casinos that can accept German players anytime.