Curacao License by Curacao E-Gaming

The first thing you should know about Curacao gaming licenses is that they are neither provided nor regulated by the Curacao government. Both – offering the licenses and supervising their proper use is Curacao E-Gaming. Curacao E-Gaming is one of the oldest and one of the most respected providers of regulated E-Gaming services. It also is a well-known online gambling license provider that offers its services outside of Europe. Curacao is a true veteran in the gaming industry, as it has been operating on the market since the 1990s. Unlike some other gaming license providers, what is surprising about Curacao, is that the requirements to get a Curacao license are considerably easier and not excessively time-consuming. Its gaming license offers one E-Gaming license that practically covers everything, including games and services of skill, betting, lotteries, chance, and casinos.

Curacao License

Curacao License Casino Safety

Curacao licensed casinos are considered to be safe and trustworthy in the industry because this trusted institution has been providing iGaming license and information provider compliance services to some of the most qualified and well-respected casinos on the market since 1996. Being one of the oldest and, dare I say, most politically stable providers of regulated gaming services, Curacao managed to gain an intact reputation that is respected by some of the most well-known online casino operators and providers of services.

To further prove their trustworthiness, Curacao closely supervises the casinos that hold their gaming license. The casinos that take advantage of the licensing authority have to undergo a continued audit in order to ensure that they abide by the laws of Curacao. In short, should an online casino operator happen to acquire a license from Curacao, it will automatically say to the players that this online casino is safe, secure, trustworthy, and completely legitimate.

Here, we provide you with several important, must-know points about Curacao license:

  • This E-Gaming license organization is known for being one of the world’s oldest and reputable gaming licensing jurisdictions.
  • Curacao has quite favorable tax rates compared to other licensing jurisdictions.
  • A single offshore Curacao gaming license allows a company to be involved in Casino, Betting, Poker, Lotto, and other gaming-related activities, without being asked to obtain one additional license for every single individual product.
  • The cost of acquiring a Curacao license is relatively lower than in other license providers.
  • The regulatory policy of Curacao license is less encumbering of business which allows operators to act more freely.
  • And last but not least – one of the most important points when discussing the Curacao license is that its IT infrastructure offers a vast range of services for E-Gaming operators. Those services include high-capacity private racks, custom dedicated servers as well as several other hosting options, private cloud services, etc.


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Curacao License Casino Payments

I am sure, you would agree that the payment methods an online casino offers to its customers play a huge role in its credibility. These methods must account for fast, safe, secure, and flexible monetary transactions. Deposits should be easy and quick and should never take more than several minutes, and most importantly, withdrawals should be 100% convenient. Now that it’s said – one of the strongest aspects of casinos that are licensed by Curacao is that the license comes in the form of multiple payment options. Most of the online casinos, licensed by Curacao use some of the most reliable and trusted payment methods out there. These payment options include E-Wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, Euteller, Credit and Debit cards, Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin, and many other.

However, it is not all comfortable, diverse, and flexible when discussing the payment and winnings at the Curacao licensed casinos. One of the major disadvantages of playing at the Curacao licensed online casino is that your winnings are taxable. For example, you would need to pay approximately 30% of your winnings (if you are playing Scandinavian casinos that are Curacao licensed) and win more than 10 Euros. Besides, you have to always report all profits to the Tax Agency by contacting them and asking for the proper documents to fill in all the details about the money you won at the foreign casino, licensed by Curacao.

Games to play in Curacao casinos

One of the best features of having a Curacao gaming license is that you only need to apply for one license for all type of games and don’t need to undergo the trouble of acquiring different kinds of licenses for each gaming category. With Curacao E-Gaming license comes a vast variety of services that covers almost all genres of gaming. These gaming categories are:

  • Sports Books, Sports Betting, Betting in general;
  • Video Bingo, Casino Games, Slot Machines, Video Slots, Video Poker;
  • Poker, Table Games and other card games;
  • Raffles, Lotteries;
  • Rummy, Games of Skill, Back Gammon, several board games, etc.
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Curacao license – Final words

Let’s be completely honest – you cannot think of anything that is unambiguously good and advantageous, right? Everything has two sides and usually, everything has its pros and cons. Curacao gaming license is one such thing. Despite its reputable history on the market and Curacao is a licensed provider for some of the world’s most respectable casinos, there are some disadvantages that should be taken into consideration.

Firstly, your winnings are taxable at Curacao licensed casinos, secondly – it has a rather unpleasant reputation when it comes to licensing operators, resolving disputes, and offering customer support. This may be caused by Curacao’s relatively easy licensing procedure. In the past several rogue casinos have successfully managed to acquire the authorization and have caused problems for their players. But the good news is that such rogue regulators have not been able to operate for long as Curacao has learned from its past mistakes and this regulator has become stricter that identifies such casinos and stalls their operations.

If you want to read more about how modern Curacao license compares with some big names on the market, like Malta Gaming Authority, Read this article.

Despite all the controversies and problematic, taxable winnings situations, Curacao licensed casinos are still some of the most well-respected, safe, secure, and trustworthy operators currently on the market.

What does Curacao license mean for online casinos?

Considering its history of operating on the market for over almost three decades it is no wonder that Curacao gaming license is one of the world’s most respected gaming license providers. Many online casinos have chosen to pick Curacao as their license provider, mainly because of its friendly tax laws, quick and relatively cheap licensing procedure, safe and secure environment, trustworthy reputation and so on. However, one of the bad aspects about online casinos with Curacao gaming license is that these casinos cannot provide tax-free winnings to their players.

Are Curacao Licensed Casinos Trustworthy?

Even though that the casinos which hold the Curacao gaming license cannot provide tax-free winnings to their players, and yes, some of them have been involved in quite complicated disputes and controversies, the majority of Curacao licensed casinos are safe, reliable, reputable, and secure to play in. As long as you don’t mind paying taxes for your winnings, Curacao gaming licensed casinos, by all means, are not a bad option.

How do I know if a casino is Curacao licensed?

The first thing every player should know before betting their money online is that – it’s always a smart decision to do your research beforehand and find out whether your desired casino has a valid gaming license or not. I guarantee that it’s 100% better if they do! The easiest way to find out if your casino is Curacao licensed is to visit its website and search for the information directly. Generally, the casino, if licensed, provides all the necessary information about its license on the website, where you can find all the details without doing unnecessary research. Other than that, there are plenty of sites on the web that will provide you with complete lists of the casinos that hold the Curacao license. Search those websites and try to find your desired casino on the list.

Are Curacao casinos allowed in Germany?

You can find online casinos with a Curacao E-Gaming license almost all around the world so long they are not specifically prohibited by your sublicense agreement. Forbidden countries include players from Curacao itself and Belize. The list also includes the United Kingdom, the United States, and several European Union countries such as the Netherlands.

What are the special features of Curacao casinos?

Curacao licensed casinos are known for having some of the best bonuses, which is one of the main reasons for their success. If you are a fan of reload bonuses, you will definitely find your fair share of bonus promotions at Curacao licensed online casinos. To keep their players happy, excited, and intrigued, Curacao casinos offer weekly and even daily bonuses on their websites.