MGA license from Malta Gaming Authority

MGA license is awarded by the Malta Gaming Authority . MGA is the official legislative body that governs all online gambling operations. It was initially founded in 2001 as the Gaming and the Lotteries authority, or LGA. Being one of the pioneers in the business, the LGA started regulating online gambling activities all around the world. Years passed, the competition widened, the demand on the market increased tremendously, so in 2015 the LGA had a massive rebranding process and turned into the Malta Gaming Authority that we all know and have complete trust in today.

MGA License & Safety

Malta’s Gaming license is widely known and seen as the world’s safest gambling license because of its very demanding and thorough requirements. In order to get Malta’s Gaming license, the applicants are required to give a detailed account of their business practices to the MGA. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say – the process is no picnic in the park. During the close revision of the application, the applicants should provide an estimation of costs and profits for the casino they are trying to found. To further convince the Gaming Authorities, they must also present their fully detailed business plan. The list of requirements goes on and on.

Not only the process of acquiring the MGA license is extremely complicated, but when talking about its trustworthiness, we should not forget that this official regulator of the gambling activities was primarily established to ensure players’ safety on every possible level. Furthermore, the MGA absolutely maintained this quality to this day, so online casinos must comply with these rules to the fullest if they want to get their coveted license. Isn’t It just the thing you, as a consumer, would want to hear when talking about your safety and security? It definitely is!

There are major regulatory objectives of the Malta Gaming Authority

  • Protection of underage people.
  • Licensing of online betting operators.
  • Constant monitoring of operators that have the MGA license.
  • Ensuring that all the games (with operators with the MGA license) are completely fair and can be trusted.
  • Protection of the players (including their accounts and balances).
  • Making sure to advocate “Responsible Gambling.”

Thus, when discussing the safety and the security of the MGA license, the above-listed points are vitally important. The nearly impossible process of getting the MGA license and their customer-safety-oriented values really add up to a trustworthy and secure space where you, as a consumer, can feel safe and guaranteed.


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MGA Casino Payment Options

When you place real money bets online, one of the most important steps to ensure your safety is to stick with the betting sites and online casinos that are properly licensed, and their license comes from safe and reputable advanced gaming jurisdictions. The MGA is one of the most trusted names in casino licensing that provides not only complete security for its players but with it comes with a vast option of payment methods, which, you would definitely agree, is a key issue when talking about online gambling.

Payment methods are undoubtedly one of the most important topics for online casino players. Fortunately, when it comes to the MGA licensed casinos, they provide and support multiple payment options. The MGA-licensed casinos include e-wallets to their payment methods, such as Neteller, Skrill, and Trustly, as well as major payment options with debit and credit cards. MasterCard and Visa are a must.  PayPal, Bitcoin, and Crypto payments are also always an option. Users can also make deposits with bank transfers at most casinos that have the MGA license. The only downside regarding the payment methods is that some of the more innovative payment options – such as eChecks, are yet to be included as an option to MGA licensed casinos.

Games To Play In MGA Casinos

There are two major licenses that can be given to the MGA licensed casinos according to the Malta Gambling Act. The first one is called “The Gaming Service License,” and it is a B2C (business-to-person) type of license given to the regular online casinos, which want to provide online gambling in or out of Malta. The second type is a B2B (business-to-business) license which is given to the casinos that want to provide a critical gaming supply, manage gaming software, host the online casinos, etc. The holders of both these two licenses – the gaming service and the critical gaming supply – are allowed to provide the below types of gambling products to their users:

  • Games of chance with the random number generators: blackjack, roulette, lotteries, etc.
  • Games of chance in which the winnings are not generated randomly.
  • Player VS Player games.
  • Controlled skill games.

A separate, different type of approval is required for live casino games, fixed-odds games, pool betting, bingo, peer, and others.

MGA license – Final words

If you enjoy gambling, online gaming in general, you will probably prefer playing it safe and secure. How do you do that? By choosing a reliable online casino, of course. How do you know if a casino is safe and reliable? You should find out what kind of gaming license it has. It is always good news if a casino has a gaming license, such as Curacao, UKGC or other European authorities, but it’s perfect when it is licensed by a fine institution like the Malta Gaming Authority, one of the world’s most trusted and secure licensing bodies with hundreds of great online gambling sites. You can read more about how MGA compares with other EU licenses, such as Curacao, click here.The MGA Licensed Casinos always prioritize the safety of their customers, the fairness of the games, and the diversity in the payment options.

What does MGA license mean for online casinos?

Considering the nearly impossible process of getting the MGA license, whenever you hear that a casino is the MGA license holder – you can freely go ahead and feel safe when using their services. The procedure of acquiring the MGA license is tough, complicated, and extremely detailed. Business owners need to give a detailed account of their practices to the Authority. Then they are required to provide an estimation of profits and costs for the casino they would like to found. A fully detailed business plan is a must. The founders should prove that they have no criminal backgrounds, and the list of requirements goes on and on. What I am trying to say is that whenever a casino fulfills all the above requirements and gets the MGA license, it clearly proves that they are checked and filtered through and through. Getting the MGA license is a tough job, so whoever does it – is evidently worthy of having the world’s one of the most trustworthy gaming licenses.

Are MGA Licensed Casinos Trustworthy?

The MGA license is widely known as the worlds’ safest gaming license. Partly because of its quite demanding requirements but mostly because Malta’s Gaming Authority was initially established to ensure player’s safety on every possible level. Malta’s Gaming Authority closely follows these values for over a couple of decades now, and every applicant that applies to get the MGA license must comply with this authority’s rules in order to get their coveted license. So, I believe it’s safe to say that if a casino holds the MGA license, it can be trusted automatically.

How do I know if a casino is MGA licensed?

The first thing you should know before deciding to use an online casino is that it’s always better to use a casino with a valid gaming license. Any other license will do, I guess, but having the MGA license directly translates to TRUST. Thus, before betting real money online, should we check if a casino is the MGA license holder? Yeah, it will take you only a couple of minutes. And what’s a couple of minutes when we are talking about your safety and security, right? There are multiple websites that provide a detailed list of every casino that holds the MGA license. It’s only a few clicks away to find out whether your casino has the MGA license or not. If your casino doesn’t appear to be found on that list, all you need to do is to visit that casino’s official website. If it is the MGA licensed casino, the website shall provide you with all the necessary details regarding its license.

Are MGA casinos legal in Germany?

Yes, According to the GlüNeuRStV,German citizens are not prohibited to play in Casinos with MGA license. Make sure that an online casino has all the required labels of approval. Or select casinos from our MGA casino list, which are tested and evaluated first hand!